Why do you use canola oil in MELT Organic – isn’t canola oil bad for you?

Skepticism for conventional canola oil is understandable, especially when it’s a dominant ingredient. However organic, certified non-GMO canola oil that has been sourced and processed correctly can be a great source of Omega 3s and monounsaturated fat when eaten with other healthy fats, specifically saturated fats like virgin coconut oil. We agree that canola oil sourced in North America may be contaminated with GMO seed (unless verified with genetic testing), which is why we source organic canola oil from the Netherlands. Each batch of our organic canola oil is genetically tested to ensure no GMO contamination is present. The Non-GMO project provides excellent vetting of organic canola sources and requires genetic testing. It is possible that conventional canola oils may be rancid on the shelf. However, MELT Organic sources organic canola oil that is tested for rancidity prior to production. 

The differences between the certified organic, non-GMO canola oil sourced for MELT Organic and the conventional canola oil generally available are summarized in the MELT Blog on Canola. Or read this excellent blog post from Whole Foods.

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