Where does your honey come from and how is it processed?

We only use certified organic and non-GMO wildflower honey sourced from Brazil in MELT Organic spreads. “Wildflower” is another way of saying “Polyfloral” or multiple floral sources due to the wide variety of flowers in the foraging area.  Our organic and non-GMO honey is pasteurized, filtered, and run through a magnet for dark metal dust. Most pollen is removed and unsolubles (e.g., hive bits, bee bits, dirt) are all filtered out. The honey is heated to a maximum temperature of 160-180 degrees. In order to be verified non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project, any foraging outside a 4 mile radius of a GMO crop is considered “low risk”.

Our organic, non-GMO wildflower honey source has never had an occurrence or been suspect of Clostridium Botulinum contamination. However, regardless of how the honey is processed, it is best to wait until your kiddos are at least one year old to have the appropriate gut flora to neutralize the bacteria.

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