Chocolate Melt® Organic Tips

Tips for snacking and baking with Chocolate Melt Organic

Chocolate Melt is the newest luscious flavor in the Melt® Organic line of spreads. Our truly unique spread is made from a velvety blend of rich, organic cocoa, wildflower honey and creamy Melt.

Whether spread, dipped, spooned or baked, its chocolate creaminess and versatility will delight. Chocolate Melt Organic is a delicious spread for graham crackers or croissants, lush dip for strawberries, and delightful when stirred into your favorite recipe for brownies, cupcakes, cookies, icings, fillings or truffles.


  • Drizzle or spread Chocolate Melt on croissants, muffins, waffles or scones.
  • Use instead of frosting on your strawberry shortcake or angel food cake.
  • Blend into your bowl of hot oatmeal.


  • Chocolate Melt is an amazing replacement for butter in your favorite brownie recipe, or try ours!
  • Swirl into pastry, pancake, and waffle mixes.
  • Mixes wonderfully into any bread recipe, especially banana bread.
  • Chocolate Melt is a luscious improvement to homemade Biscotti.
  • Replace the butter or vegetable oil with Chocolate Melt in any of your favorite chocolate cookie, cake, or bar recipe.
  • Add Chocolate Melt to your favorite frosting recipes.
  • Try spreading Chocolate Melt between your cake layers.
  • Cream Chocolate Melt in your rice krispy treat recipe.


  •  Strawberries, Pineapple chunks, and banana slices love to be dipped in Chocolate Melt.
  • Amazing for dipping baked snacks as well, like graham crackers, vanilla cookies, or marshmallows and so much more!
  • Dip pretzels (we like Pretzel crisps) in Chocolate melt for a sweet and salty treat.
  • For cold dipped fruit snacks, melt Chocolate Melt, dip and refrigerate for one hour.


  • Make a cookie sandwich with Chocolate Melt in the middle.
  • Replace the chocolate bar in homemade S’mores with Chocolate Melt for a low sugar snack.
  • Add a dollop of Chocolate Melt to our Peanut Butter Quesadilla recipe.
  • Soften and swirl into vanilla or strawberry yogurt for a delicious hint of chocolate.


  • Combine Chocolate Melt and peanut butter on a whole wheat flour tortilla, roll it up, and microwave for a delicious after school snack.
  • Wherever you spread Nutella, substitute Chocolate Melt.
  • On your morning toast or toaster waffle.
  • On your English muffin or sweet bagel.
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