You Have Discovered Chocolate MELT® Organic:

The Organic “Butter 2.0”!

Chocolate MELT Organic is made from a velvety blend of rich organic cocoa, wildflower honey and creamy MELT Organic. Chocolate MELT is a luscious replacement for other chocolate spreads because it has just 1 gram of sugar per serving and is dairy free, vanillin free, and nut free. Compare Chocolate MELT to other chocolate spreads with as much as 10 grams of sugar per serving.

What’s more Chocolate MELT is truly good for you because it combines MELT’s Perfect Blend of beneficial oils with the lush taste of chocolate.

Each element is dynamic and provides your body with essential nutrition and energy. When they all come together they blend perfectly to create a whole new way to eat and to live.

Experience Chocolate MELT Organic.


If you cannot find MELT Organic  products at your favorite store, ask them to stock it now with our request form located here.


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