I’m concerned about the deforestation and loss of habitat caused by palm fruit demand.

Our organic and non-GMO palm fruit oil is Rainforest Alliance Certified, certified Eco-Social and Fair Trade by the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and Fair Trade USA. The organic palm fruit oil we use in all MELT products is sourced from Colombia (South America) and certified Fair Trade/ Ecosocial by the RSPO, Fair Trade USA and Rainforest Alliance (www.rspo.orgwww.fairtradeuse.orgwww.rainforest-alliance.org). The palm fruit oil we source is not linked to the destruction of old growth rain forests, the release of greenhouse gases, the displacement of native people, or the extinction of orangutans or Sumatran tigers (which only live in Borneo and Sumatra in Indonesia). Our certifications verify the palm plantations we source from are not developed by removing rain forests, but by converting pre-existing agricultural land to palm oil production. Our supplier also has several Fair Trade programs above and beyond the standards set forth by the RSPO.

In addition, our palm fruit oil supplier was the first Latin America Company to be RSPO Certified (2010), is ranked #1 on the Sustainable Palm Oil Transparency Toolkit, is a founding member of the Palm Oil Innovation Group and has a zero waste production cycle and is 100% traceable to the farm.

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