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Honey Melt® Organic Blueberry Smoothie

When we say Rich & Creamy Melt and Honey Melt are made with our Perfect Blend of organic plant- and fruit-based oils, we mean it: this recipe provides you with almost 1000mg of Omega 3s and a healthy dose of medium chain fatty acids in a delicious smoothie that is just right for breakfast. For everyone who is health-conscious like me, this delicious smoothie can also provide a dose of raw greens that your body is craving. All of your Good Fats plus your raw greens in one mouth-watering smoothie? It’s a match made in heaven that your body will love. This Honey Melt smoothie will keep you going all morning long.

2 tbsp Honey Melt Organic, softened
1 cup plain organic whole yogurt or kefir
½ cup frozen organic blueberries (if you use fresh, add ice)

For You Health Geeks Out There, You Can Also Add:
1 handful chopped organic parsley
1 handful chopped organic cilantro
1 tsp raw chlorella powder
(These additions will need drops of liquid stevia to taste.)

Making the Honey Melt Blueberry Smoothie:
• Puree the yogurt/kefir and blueberries together in a food blender. Add a little water if necessary.
• Pour the Honey Melt into the puree while the blender is running.
• Add liquid stevia drops to taste; without the greens, I personally don’t need any.

• OPTIONAL: make this a Super Green Honey Melt Blueberry Smoothie by adding parsley, cilantro, and chlorella powder to the puree. This step will likely require adding drops of liquid stevia to taste.

NOTE: The parsley, cilantro, and chlorella powder are best taken together because of how they nutritionally support each other: the chlorella powder and cilantro work best eaten together for gently, but effectively, detoxing heavy metals from the body. The parsley supports the kidneys for eliminating the toxin load. It’s a bit of an intense taste for the uninitiated, but once you get used to it, you will notice that you crave it.


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