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Early Detection and Treatment of Digestive Disease with Dr. Scott Freeborn, ND – Part 6

Heavy Metals Detoxification Program.

I believe any sort of pain, eruptions on the skin, bloating, swelling, distention, and discomfort, means in the simplest of terms the body is retaining too many toxins, which impede nutritional absorption and proper digestion and are linked to any disease, whether it is gastro-intestinal, neurological, or endocrinological. Retaining toxins facilitates the wrong kinds of microbes, which leads to some form of indigestion, which then congests and compounds the elimination of waste and becomes a spiraling cycle.

Based on research by neurologist Dr. Blaylock, I use a combination of chlorophyll, R-Lipoic acid, and cilantro as a simple, effective, gentle program for detoxing heavy metals. If someone is in a more acute state where the immune system is highly reactive or not reacting at all, more aggressive measures can be undertaken including rectal EDTA chelation suppositories, DMPS injected intramuscularly, or intravenous chelation.

Any person can benefit from proactively addressing heavy metals. We are all exposed to heavy metals at levels unprecedented in human history whether it is from mining, technology, chemicals used in agriculture, amalgams, some vaccinations, etc. Like smoking cigarettes, heavy metals are not typically a problem with the first exposure; most of us begin to manifest symptoms only after several decades of exposure and accumulation in the body.

Heavy metals are toxic to human systems because the human body is notoriously inefficient at eliminating them so metals accumulate over time. Once heavy metals have accumulated to a level that is significant, they begin to manifest an impact on the three master systems – the immune system, the endocrine system and nervous system. The nervous system is the number one tissue in the body absorbing and accumulating heavy metals because of its high concentration of sulfhydryl groups, which love to interact with mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, etc. In my opinion, people should incorporate into their daily diet, even just once per day, some chlorella, cilantro, and alpha R-lipoic acid, but they need to be consumed consistently and daily to be effective.

I thought if you get too aggressive with it, a heavy metal detoxification program can be rather uncomfortable and unpleasant. It is a marathon, not a sprint.

Whenever you read about someone’s bad experience detoxing heavy metals on the internet, it is usually because their emunctory drainage is impeded, i.e., their bowel is not moving and they are not opening up liver and kidney function. Their lymph system may also not be moving. People with adverse reactions are mobilizing heavy metals out of their tissues and cells, but the body is unable to eliminate them properly. I have only rarely had anyone experience difficulties because I will not put them through a heavy metals detox program unless their bowel, liver, kidneys, and lymph glands are functioning. I use homeopathics and herbs to open up drainage one month before promoting the mobilization of the metals so the body has a way to get them out, which minimizes negative side effects. You also do not need to start aggressively, you can begin with the simple oral stuff first.

The liver has the lion’s share of ridding the body of heavy metals and is responsible for the two major detoxification pathways – glutathione production and methylation – that eliminate heavy metals. Glutathione production and methylation are the two primary mechanisms for neutralizing and eliminating microbial, metal, and chemical toxins. Adequate sulphur-containing amino acids like cysteines and its precursor acetylcysteine are required for both processes.

The point at which someone becomes symptomatic varies from person to person. One person with excellent glutathione production may never become symptomatic even with a mouth full of amalgams – that is clearly not everyone. It is like someone saying their grandfather drank and smoked their entire lives and lived to be 105. We know those inputs are detriments, so imagine if he had quit how much longer he would have lived or the quality of his life in his later years. Statistically, we have proven smoking promotes disease, cancer, and poor health; the same is true for heavy metals. Some people “do not buy that” and claim they are as healthy as a horse with a mouth full of amalgams and eat fish full of mercury. The bottom line is heavy metals are a proven detriment to physiology.

We are always excreting some heavy metals, but the question is whether input exceeds output. There are very few people in today’s toxic world that output everything being put in. We all are all gradually accumulating metals, which works to our detriment. Different people have different capacities to tolerate stress. Some people eliminate heavy metals more easily than others. Some have faster elimination through the GI system, while others may be better at drinking water and have higher kidney function. Clearly, variation in genetic capability exists. However, adding toxic burdens such as chronic exposure to heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides to the body will certainly begin to alter how the immune system responds.

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