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  • The Dr. Oz Show featured Rich & Creamy MELT® Organic Spread in a segment on Thursday, March 8.
  • Not only is MELT great tasting, with just a hint of sweet coconut flavor, but it melts, cooks, bakes and spreads just like butter.
  • MELT is made from certified organic ingredients that are truly good for you, like Flaxseed, Sunflower and Virgin Coconut oils.
  • Back on January 18, Dr. Oz recommended that everyone should try to eat 1 T of virgin coconut oil each day for healthier weight.
  • MELT Organic is a great tasting and easy way to add virgin coconut oil to your daily routine. Simply replace butter or other oils you are using as a spread or in cooking with MELT.
  • We can assure you that MELT Organic tastes a whole lot better on your morning toast.

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