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MELT® Organic Love

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

Our Founder, Cygnia, sat down with breast-cancer survivor Betsy to talk about how MELT helps her stay as healthy as she can be.

“I would be happy to share my experience with the butter that loves me back. Cygnia might enjoy pictures of our clan enjoying their hot MELTed toast on homemade challah. Enthusiastic pet critters are almost as fun to watch as happy children.

For health reasons, about one in eight women over age 60 (myself included) should NOT consume foods containing estrogen or pesticides, particularly breast cancer victims. Those of us with estrogen-fed breast cancer should also stay away from red meat and dairy products. There is strong evidence of breast cancer survivors having a soy allergy and possible issues with the phyto estrogens in soy products. Without a doubt, breast cancer victims must stay away from pesticides.

As a breast cancer survivor, MELT satisfies my own and many others medical dietary requirements by not containing soy, pesticides (organic), or dairy. The most wonderful news is that besides being healthy, MELT tastes like butter, has the consistency of butter, and finally, really is a perfect substitute for butter. My congratulations to the people who figured out the formula for MELT. I love that you eliminated allergens, especially the soy.

Every morning my dogs eat toast with me, so we devour a lot of it. We all love it! I share the good news about finding MELT with friends and family who also are looking for a tasty, healthy alternative to butter. I am not sure if they share it with their dogs, however.

Thank you, Makers of MELT!!  Ya done good!

During my second round with breast cancer, I thought to myself, “What can I do to keep myself as well as I can?” The oncologist said, “You must not consume pesticides.” The only way to avoid pesticides is to eat organic. My oncologist also instructed avoidance of red meat. I asked about dairy, and was told that if I can go without dairy, then do it. It’s a small price to pay for life, so I eliminated pesticides, red meat, and dairy from my diet.

I watch people in the grocery store so happily purchasing greens and vegetables, and I know the food industry genetically modifies produce to make it last longer and covers produce with pesticides to increase yield. It looks like healthy food, but it’s not.

That’s how I found MELT, and it spreads so nicely on toast. It’s not hard like butter, but it looks and tastes like butter and we love it. We have a thing in our family at breakfast. When I have my toast and egg, I always make toast for my dogs slathered with MELT. I don’t eat any other oil if I can help it. I call MELT butter; your MELT is just so good. That’s why I was so tickled to find something so tasty. MELT is the one gap in my spare change diet.

I put MELT on grits this morning. My parents are from the South and there is only one way to make grits: use whole grits, plenty of salt, and cook them until they are soft and thick. Serve with LOADS of MELT. SOO good! Scrambled eggs and turkey bacon make it a meal. Again, thank you for MELT.

I wish MELT was in more stores. All of us with cancer and health issues really need MELT. It should be the number one butter replacement because it’s the best one.”

MELT® Organic Love

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

Lorelai of Marigold Crown sat down with our Founder, Cygnia Rapp, to discuss how MELT became such a big part of her gluten-free baking lifestyle.

Tell me about your blog.
“I was diagnosed with Celiac disease about three years ago and I blog about my hobbies, mostly sewing and gluten-free baking. I also have a section called ‘Detox My Life’ where I take an aspect of my lifestyle and write about how I eliminated exposure to synthetics and chemicals, which can include anything from chemical-laden dog food, fabrics with synthetics, to certain food products, and how I transitioned to more natural alternatives. ‘Detox My Life’ is for increasing product awareness in general. I have found that American vitamin and beauty products are the worst in terms of how they are regulated for disclosing ingredients; most of the time added synthetics and chemicals are not listed on the packaging.”

How did you discover MELT?
“I discovered MELT about two years ago. I have always liked coconut and coconut oil, so when I saw MELT was a coconut oil-based butter substitute with high oleic sunflower oil, I thought it sounded delicious and I wanted to try it. I have many vegan friends, so baking with MELT allows me to make traditional foods that are both vegan and gluten-free and that everyone can enjoy. I’m able to cut out allergens and still create baked goods that taste rich.

Since I most of my friends are gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan, I have recommended MELT to many people: ‘If you want essentially butter, MELT is what you should get.’ If I am making dessert to take to a friend’s house or a work event, MELT is what I use instead of butter.”

I like MELT’s simple list of ingredients and knowing where/ how they are sourced. Other butter substitutes aren’t nearly as transparent. I make from scratch my own beauty products, paper, clothing, and recipes. Technically, I could mix coconut and high oleic sunflower oils on my own and make my own butter replacement, but why go through the hassle when MELT has already blended all of those ingredients into the perfect consistency.

I love the flavor and texture of MELT; it’s very similar to butter and what I grew up with. MELT makes me nostalgic for the rich baking I grew up with, like my grandmother’s cooking, but I know it’s made with fresh ingredients and coconut oil. When I use MELT, I know I haven’t added anything processed to my baking and it’s organic.”

How do you use MELT?
“I use MELT mostly in baking – and I bake A LOT. I use MELT pretty much any time a recipe calls for butter. I have a stick of butter that I use sometimes in recipes, but I can’t really tell the difference between baking with butter versus MELT. Many of my friends are vegan, so it’s easier to bake vegan with MELT and still get the same old school style rich baking treats that my friends can enjoy as well.

I bake cupcakes, cakes, muffins, pastries, pies, and layered desserts like mousse. My FAVORITE recipes for using MELT are gluten-free vegan donuts, peach & blackberry lattice pie, and chocolate spice cupcakes. I am about to try making granola bars for work lunches. I love using MELT when I bake apple pies, both for greasing the pan and for adding pats of MELT over the fruit itself so it melts into filling.

As much as I love baking, I hate cooking. I am not good at cooking food. I leave making dinner to my boyfriend – I’ll make the dessert, he can make dinner.

MELT® Organic Love

Friday, December 12th, 2014

Kristin Selby Gonzalez, President and Chairman of Autism Hope Alliance, ( recently sat down with our Founder Cygnia Rapp to discuss her dietary approach for improving health in autistic children and the role MELT plays in her family.

“My goal is to provide families with autistic kids the dietary foundation for being as healthy as possible by doing to all they can for their child nutritionally. I have been a nutritionist for 8 years with an autistic son and use a nutritional approach for treating food allergies and food intolerances from the inside out. It is in a mom’s DNA to want to nourish her children. Moms and dads can pursue as many therapies as possible, but if that child isn’t feeling well, nothing is going to help that child. Time and time again I have seen how transitioning to a dairy- and gluten-free diet helps autistic kids look, feel, and behave better: maybe they look their parents in the eye, or their bowel movements become normalized. After implementing a casein- and gluten-free diet, 80% of parents report some improvement in their child’s condition. Because they are feeling better, these kids are suddenly willing to participate in therapy sessions.

I was never one of these granola moms, but I was given a challenge with my autistic son, which is intimidating to many mothers. I want to help moms and dads not spend a fortune at the health food store on products their kids won’t eat. We pride ourselves on helping families learn about products like MELT so they don’t have to waste time and money experimenting with products that technically meet their kids’ needs but that kids won’t eat because they taste terrible.

When I started this journey ten years ago with my autistic son, most of the gluten- and dairy-free foods on the market were gross and nobody wanted to eat them (especially kids). It was up to me to experiment with different recipes and make delicious gluten- and dairy-free foods. Ten years later, I feel so fortunate to have food companies like MELT with truly delicious gluten- and casein-free options. I don’t feel like our family is giving up anything when we share our son’s gluten- and casein-free diet.

I love butter. It’s been a long time since I have eaten butter but at this point even if I could, I don’t think I would go back to butter because MELT is so versatile and delicious. I love how I can bake with it and eat it on all of our foods where we would otherwise use butter. MELT has a yummy, creamy taste and I don’t feel like I am sacrificing by eating MELT instead of butter. I used MELT this morning while making gluten-free, dairy-free pancakes. I like to mix cinnamon, nutmeg, and a little vanilla together and sprinkle it over pancakes with MELT on top; it’s delicious like French toast and my son loves it. When I add MELT in a mixer, it’s so nice to see how creamy the batter gets – MELT doesn’t clump or take a long time to blend in a recipe. For both taste and cooking, MELT is universal.

I feel like I am making my son healthy from the inside out. As a mom, I can’t control how my son responds to food allergies but I can control what I put in his body. If I can help him make an easier transition to a dairy- and gluten-free diet then I feel even better. These days, going gluten-free and dairy-free is much easier with all of the great products like MELT out there.

I am excited about Chocolate MELT as a great treat. I would like to make frosting out of Chocolate MELT and coconut milk, maybe place it in the fridge to harden it a little bit. We know sugar is pro-inflammatory and worsens gut problems so I am always trying to figure out ways to make foods kids will love and that are healthy.

I have been shopping in health food stores for the last twenty years and a nutritionist for the last eight years, so I love trying new products like MELT. Your company is so refreshing because I can honestly say maybe 25% of natural/ organic food companies are getting it right, products from the other 25% can be “tweaked” to get them right, and the other 50% almost taste like nothing. With MELT, we don’t feel like we are sacrificing anything – it’s our first choice and not just a replacement for butter.

My mission is to teach people about food first and then everything else. Of course food is just once piece of the puzzle, but in my opinion it’s the central piece.”

Melt® Organic Love

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Chris – a huge fan of Melt – is also a medical student studying Radiology and sat down with Founder Cygnia Rapp to share his story with us.

How did you discover Melt?

“I am always looking for healthy alternatives to butter, not only to be a model for my patients but also for my own health. In the past I used mostly olive oil but it doesn’t work well for baking so I was looking for something that I could use. Melt caught my eye, I tried it, and I really liked it. I have been using Melt almost exclusively since.”

What do you like about Melt?

“I always really loved coconut, so the idea of a subtle coconut flavor was intriguing to me. Melt has worked well with so many dishes – any baked goods – and I love using Melt in curries and various Eastern dishes. Melt adds an additional flavor you don’t get with other butter substitutes. Recently, I have been using Melt in a number of different stir fries for its flavor. Yesterday, I sautéed shrimp with vegetables and it worked really well.”

So it sounds like you agree with our idea of good fats and oils.

“Yes, yes definitely. Being in a medical field, I feel like I am a pretty educated consumer. A long time ago there was hype against coconut oil because it contains saturated fats.  A substantial amount of research has come out discussing how the fats in virgin coconut oil are different from other fats and are actually helpful for lowering the HDL/LDL ratio. I am healthy now but my family has a history of high cholesterol and coronary artery disease. That’s not a huge driving factor for eating Melt; however it’s nice to know I am eating something that not only tastes great but potentially supports my health in the longer term.”

Melt® Organic Love

Friday, May 31st, 2013

This week, Delores sat down with Founder Cygnia Rapp and shared her story with us. We were so impressed we wanted to share it with our readers. Does her story resonate with you? Please share her story with your friends and share yours with us as well.

How did you first discover Melt® Organic?

“I first saw Melt in Vegetarian News. I went for so long without using anything and when I read about Melt I thought to myself, ‘I have to try this!’  My local store didn’t have it so I ordered it online – this was back when there was just the Original [Rich & Creamy] Melt. When Honey Melt came out, I immediately bought some and I love it! I like to sprinkle cinnamon on the Honey Melt and it’s a great way to regulate my blood sugar.

I am a big health nut because I had my thyroid removed when I was very young (24 years old). I have been sold on Melt since the Original [Rich & Creamy] came out and I love the fact that you can freeze it. It is so refreshing to have a product like Melt that is reasonably priced; I buy mostly all organic and I am very picky about what goes into my body. I have a high stress job as a 9-1-1 operator and I am able to hold it together because of the way I fuel my body.

I just love your products and I keep thinking, ok what’s next? They have the honey, they have the chocolate. You really did your homework – I can leave Melt on the counter and it doesn’t get funky and oily or I can take it out of the refrigerator and still spread it on toast.”

Do you notice a difference in how Melt® Organic makes you feel versus other choices on the market?

“Oh definitely – I don’t feel sludgy or sluggish. I still have the same energy I had before I ate my toast and I don’t feel like something is trying to work its way through my body. I used to use a vegan butter substitute but I ended up throwing it away because it was an oily mess and nasty to eat. Melt is awesome, it’s not greasy, and I use it every day.”

What are your favorite ways to use Melt® Organic?

“I love using Melt to cook my eggs. I used Melt this morning for making an omelet with egg whites, kale, heirloom tomato, and Irish black ham and it came out perfectly. I also use Melt when I feel the need to have a buttery something, like over steamed broccoli. I experiment with the Original [Rich & Creamy] to make things happen in the kitchen by adding something to flavor it. It’s awesome!

I used to use coconut oil but it’s hard to use out of the tub and honestly I hardly use it anymore.

I have to say I love, love, love Melt and I am dying for the chocolate to come out!

Air hugs to you – I love you for coming out with this product and I tell everyone about it. Thank you for doing this! I am very pleased with Melt!”

Dr. Oz and Melt®’s Perfect Blend

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

In a segment called, “Solutions to Break Your Food Addictions” (aired Thursday, March 8), Dr. Oz featured Melt® Organic as his best replacement for butter on the Dr. Oz Show!

Given Melt®’s humble roots in my kitchen, I was ecstatic to see it on the Dr Oz Show! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing both Dr. Oz and a guest from his audience loving Melt®’s divine, creamy taste while enjoying the added bonus of excellent nutrition.

While Dr. Oz mentioned the flaxseed oil in the product, it’s the virgin coconut oil-flaxseed oil combination that is the foundation of Melt®’s Perfect Blend. If a blob of coconut oil  doesn’t sound appetizing or a shot of flaxseed or cod liver oil, Melt®’s divine, silky, rich taste and creamy texture will make getting your daily MCFAs and Omega 3s much easier and more delicious. So go ahead and slather, spread, drizzle, bake, top, and cook your hearts out with Melt®. With our Fair Trade, Ecosocial, and non-GMO ingredients, you can also count on Melt® having the highest sustainability ethics standards.

Go Melt®!

“Food, Inc”: Vote with Your Checkbook and Revolutionize the Food Industry

Monday, September 12th, 2011

I justified taking three years to finally watch “Food, Inc” – a well produced documentary on the meat, poultry, soy, and corn industries – because I changed how I sourced meat in my diet years ago, eating only organic, grass-fed meat. I wish I could call out the 4-5 companies this movie highlights, but I risk legal action because of some odd pro-industry laws that do not protect individuals. You would think I am protected by my right to free speech, but remember when Oprah was sued for sharing her views on hamburgers? If you have not seen this movie, I highly recommend it as it is quite an eye-opener.

Ultimately, “Food, Inc” is not about the disturbing dominance of GMO soy and corn, poorly raised and abused animals in unimaginable conditions, and unacceptable slaughtering and processing environments. “Food, Inc” at its core is about a lack of respect – possibly contempt – these companies have for the animals, the planet, the farmers, the workers who process the meat, and the consumers who eat this “food”. When you buy organic products like Melt®, made with EcoSocial and Fair Trade ingredients, organic meat and poultry, and or locally grown food, you are voting for respect, which translates into health and wellness. By the way, I am quite pleased to announce Melt® is now soy-free!

There was a time when I believed the highest road for combating the unethical and unhealthy beef and poultry industries was to become vegetarian. In fact, I was vegetarian for 7 years, long enough to find the smell of cooking meat to be revolting. Not only did vegetarianism not work for me nutritionally, as it turns out, I was also supporting the very companies I did not want to support through the purchase of food products containing non-organic soy and corn (and its derivatives).  I wasn’t just losing a source of protein, iron, minerals, and vitamin B-12, I was replacing meat with nutritionally inferior foods, specifically soy-based foods.  I was amazed at how much better I felt – almost immediately – when I began eating meat again (organic, grass-fed meat only) and practically eliminating the consumption of soy from my diet.

I respect that some feel vegetarianism and veganism are important political and economic statements against the industrialized beef and poultry sectors. However, I would argue that vegetarianism and veganism are choices that may only opt out of the discussion and are potentially very unhealthy. Purchasing sustainably and humanely raised and processed beef and chicken is far more efficient in changing a broken industry by creating demand; on the other hand, excluding meat and animal products from one’s diet is potentially passive and ineffective for initiating measurable change. I welcome you to share your views.


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