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MELT® Organic Love

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

Founder Cygnia Rapp sat down with Christine, who shared her story so many can relate to: tackling weight loss in a sustainable way and overcoming digestive disorders through diet, with Rich & Creamy MELT® Organic as a part of her daily journey.


Bernie the parrot enjoying MELT.

“My motivation for eating MELT is to purify and detox my body. MELT is part of a larger goal to keep my body on an even keel. With MELT, I have something better to turn to instead of dumping junk into my body. I don’t have to sacrifice or take a step down.

“MELT is part of a larger goal to keep my body on an even keel. With MELT, I have something better to turn to instead of dumping junk into my body. I don’t have to sacrifice or take a step down.”

I want to lose a great deal of weight. I know someone who lost weight by becoming vegan; I tried a vegan diet, but found it difficult to follow given the cost, boredom factor, and time investment of creating my own foods. I learned how to make vegan cheese sauce, which was good, but it takes time and sometimes I just don’t feel like dealing with it and want something like MELT that I don’t have to make myself.

I prefer to switch one thing out at a time rather than completely wipe away my diet. I treat my diet and weight loss goal like ‘Rome was not built in a day’; I just have to take my time and go slow. That was how I did Weight Watchers before; I took it slow, and kept my weight off for a long time. Going slowly isn’t a shock to the system; I do what is comfortable and that approach works better for me, like finding MELT. I absolutely love the stuff. One of the things I wanted to get rid of was butter; not that I was eating a ton of it, but I wanted to find an alternative. I ate [competitor’s butter substitute] for years and I didn’t have a problem with it, but it just didn’t taste like butter.

To be honest, I prayed a lot for something I could use to give up butter. I saw MELT in the store and I was afraid of it because I didn’t know what it was like. Finally I gave in and bought some. I was so scared that I closed my eyes when I tried it and I thought, ‘This stuff is so much better than [competitor’s product]. I finally found my butter.’ We have gone through lots of MELT, and by golly we go through a lot of gluten-free toast around here. I have been replacing one food at a time, such as gluten-free bread, and now I have found MELT.

I use MELT for anything that requires butter. I am crazy about it. My mom loves it. My parrot loves it. MELT is really great stuff. Whenever I bake chocolate chip cookies, I use MELT because I feel much more comfortable about using a big glob of MELT than a stick of butter. I feel like I am putting a healthy combination of fats in my body that is better for me than butter. I cook eggs in MELT, OMG it’s to die for, so good.

“I use MELT for anything that requires butter. I am crazy about it. My mom loves it. My parrot loves it. MELT is really great stuff.”

We are very conscious about putting cleaner foods in our bodies. If I put MELT on gluten free toast, I don’t feel the least bit guilty about it. Not at all.

I enjoy eating MELT because I feel good about the healthy combination of fats I am putting in my body. I don’t feel safe when I read ingredients and see garbage that shouldn’t be in food. All you can do is your best. With MELT I don’t have anything to worry about. After I read the ingredients and talked to your people, I don’t have any concerns.”

MELT® Organic Love

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

Our Founder, Cygnia, sat down with breast-cancer survivor Betsy to talk about how MELT helps her stay as healthy as she can be.

“I would be happy to share my experience with the butter that loves me back. Cygnia might enjoy pictures of our clan enjoying their hot MELTed toast on homemade challah. Enthusiastic pet critters are almost as fun to watch as happy children.

For health reasons, about one in eight women over age 60 (myself included) should NOT consume foods containing estrogen or pesticides, particularly breast cancer victims. Those of us with estrogen-fed breast cancer should also stay away from red meat and dairy products. There is strong evidence of breast cancer survivors having a soy allergy and possible issues with the phyto estrogens in soy products. Without a doubt, breast cancer victims must stay away from pesticides.

As a breast cancer survivor, MELT satisfies my own and many others medical dietary requirements by not containing soy, pesticides (organic), or dairy. The most wonderful news is that besides being healthy, MELT tastes like butter, has the consistency of butter, and finally, really is a perfect substitute for butter. My congratulations to the people who figured out the formula for MELT. I love that you eliminated allergens, especially the soy.

Every morning my dogs eat toast with me, so we devour a lot of it. We all love it! I share the good news about finding MELT with friends and family who also are looking for a tasty, healthy alternative to butter. I am not sure if they share it with their dogs, however.

Thank you, Makers of MELT!!  Ya done good!

During my second round with breast cancer, I thought to myself, “What can I do to keep myself as well as I can?” The oncologist said, “You must not consume pesticides.” The only way to avoid pesticides is to eat organic. My oncologist also instructed avoidance of red meat. I asked about dairy, and was told that if I can go without dairy, then do it. It’s a small price to pay for life, so I eliminated pesticides, red meat, and dairy from my diet.

I watch people in the grocery store so happily purchasing greens and vegetables, and I know the food industry genetically modifies produce to make it last longer and covers produce with pesticides to increase yield. It looks like healthy food, but it’s not.

That’s how I found MELT, and it spreads so nicely on toast. It’s not hard like butter, but it looks and tastes like butter and we love it. We have a thing in our family at breakfast. When I have my toast and egg, I always make toast for my dogs slathered with MELT. I don’t eat any other oil if I can help it. I call MELT butter; your MELT is just so good. That’s why I was so tickled to find something so tasty. MELT is the one gap in my spare change diet.

I put MELT on grits this morning. My parents are from the South and there is only one way to make grits: use whole grits, plenty of salt, and cook them until they are soft and thick. Serve with LOADS of MELT. SOO good! Scrambled eggs and turkey bacon make it a meal. Again, thank you for MELT.

I wish MELT was in more stores. All of us with cancer and health issues really need MELT. It should be the number one butter replacement because it’s the best one.”

Honey MELT® Organic Love

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

Founder, Cygnia Rapp, sat down with Don T to listen to his story about finding Honey MELT® as a part of his journey to enjoy life with lactose intolerance.

“Thank you for your hard work in putting forth such a fine product. Living with lactose intolerance is not easy and neither is finding alternatives. The Honey MELT is just perfect and I LOVE it! I don’t how you get that hint of honey in Honey MELT, but I have to say you have done a superior job over so many other brands that seem so dull.

I discovered MELT as a part of my journey to find alternatives that could support a dairy-free diet. For about two years I was terribly sick and none of the doctors I visited could figure out what was wrong with me. They put me through all kinds of tests looking for something catastrophic. I took the celiac test to see if gluten was the culprit, but no one thought of testing for lactose intolerance since I didn’t drink milk, preferring almond or soy milk anyway. After going through several doctors, I finally found a doctor who decided to put me through a lactose intolerance test since every other test had been done. The test was interesting: blood was drawn at 9 am, I drank two big cups of lactose, and blood was drawn four more times, once every 30 minutes. When the test results were in, the doctor concluded, “You are severely lactose intolerant.” Of course I was distraught because I was told I had to eliminate dairy from my diet, and if I didn’t, I would continue to be sick all of the time. As it was, I couldn’t go anywhere or do much because of stomach pains, vomiting, gas, diarrhea, etc. I thought I would never be able to eat anything again!

At the same time, I was happy to finally understand what was wrong with me so I could turn my life around after being sick for so long. I just had to be more resourceful. I did my own research, started reading labels, and little by little made the changes I needed, using alternatives for foods containing dairy and adapting recipes. I know my limitations, I know how to solve my problem, and MELT helps me solve my problem. I am forever thankful and grateful that you were able to come up with this unique recipe that makes my life more enriched.

I love to cook. Cooking and baking have become my hobbies now that I have retired. I had to figure out how to eat without getting sick. I used the other butter substitute, but it wasn’t very exciting. I came across MELT, saw the coupon, and read your story on the website. So I bought MELT and I fell in love with it. I just love Honey MELT! I don’t eat a lot of carbs, but every now and then I treat myself to sourdough. The Honey MELT on sourdough toast comes out golden and has such an enrichment from the MELT. I became addicted to it. I started using MELT on French toast, pancakes, and waffles.

My life has been enriched by your wonderful product. I have to say that I don’t miss butter whatsoever. They can have all the butter they want. I bake quite often since I can’t buy cake, cookies, frosting, etc in the store: they all contain butter or milk. I make my own pies, cookies, and cake with MELT!

I have been so dedicated to creating a new dishes that I am writing a cookbook. I am going to write my story, talk about how to make things at home, and how you don’t have to live a terrible life because of dietary restrictions. And, I want to list MELT as an ingredient in my recipes!”

Melt Organic Love

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

Founder, Cygnia Rapp, sat down with Joanne P of Wilmington, North Carolina to talk about the important role MELT® Organic plays in her journey by allowing her to enjoy a restricted diet through nutrition instead of paying for expensive prescription medication.

“Everything changed when I was diagnosed with my disease. I cringed, thinking ‘Oh My God I can’t eat almost everything!’ However, MELT was a really wonderful answer for me after I returned this other stuff that tasted disgusting and made me miserable. Now I make French toast and do all my cooking with MELT; I love using MELT in macaroni and cheese. My husband doesn’t even know the difference between MELT and butter! MELT is the one thing that is so great for me and I can’t wait for you all to make it in sticks.”

“I was diagnosed with collagenous colitis. At first, my doctor thought I had a heart condition, so I saw a series of heart doctors. You would not believe what I went through to find out what was wrong with me – over $6400 worth of medical tests. Since they weren’t any closer to figuring out why I was sick, they recommended a colonoscopy. I told them, ‘You people have had such a difficult time, I am going back home to get my colonoscopy done by my local doctor.’ It was my local doctor that diagnosed me with the collagenous colitis.”

“When my local doctor called in my prescription, the pharmacy told me it was going to be $2500 per month. I went into shock. Thankfully, the pharmacy called before filling the prescription because it was so expensive and I don’t have prescription medical coverage. I told them, ‘Oh My God, I am retired from real estate, I can’t afford that!’ I might as well get a chauffeur. My family and I went online and found what I could and couldn’t eat.”

“My doctor was pretty excited about taking my situation into my own hands through diet. After explaining how I had been hospitalized and in intensive care three different times from taking antibiotics, I asked if his prescription was an antibiotic [Yes] and whether he recommended the prescription. He said, ‘Not if you can get along without it.’ Most doctors would have told me that I had to take the prescription. You know how doctors are.”

“I want you to know that I love your product… I adore MELT.”

MELT® Organic Love

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

Lorelai of Marigold Crown sat down with our Founder, Cygnia Rapp, to discuss how MELT became such a big part of her gluten-free baking lifestyle.

Tell me about your blog.
“I was diagnosed with Celiac disease about three years ago and I blog about my hobbies, mostly sewing and gluten-free baking. I also have a section called ‘Detox My Life’ where I take an aspect of my lifestyle and write about how I eliminated exposure to synthetics and chemicals, which can include anything from chemical-laden dog food, fabrics with synthetics, to certain food products, and how I transitioned to more natural alternatives. ‘Detox My Life’ is for increasing product awareness in general. I have found that American vitamin and beauty products are the worst in terms of how they are regulated for disclosing ingredients; most of the time added synthetics and chemicals are not listed on the packaging.”

How did you discover MELT?
“I discovered MELT about two years ago. I have always liked coconut and coconut oil, so when I saw MELT was a coconut oil-based butter substitute with high oleic sunflower oil, I thought it sounded delicious and I wanted to try it. I have many vegan friends, so baking with MELT allows me to make traditional foods that are both vegan and gluten-free and that everyone can enjoy. I’m able to cut out allergens and still create baked goods that taste rich.

Since I most of my friends are gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan, I have recommended MELT to many people: ‘If you want essentially butter, MELT is what you should get.’ If I am making dessert to take to a friend’s house or a work event, MELT is what I use instead of butter.”

I like MELT’s simple list of ingredients and knowing where/ how they are sourced. Other butter substitutes aren’t nearly as transparent. I make from scratch my own beauty products, paper, clothing, and recipes. Technically, I could mix coconut and high oleic sunflower oils on my own and make my own butter replacement, but why go through the hassle when MELT has already blended all of those ingredients into the perfect consistency.

I love the flavor and texture of MELT; it’s very similar to butter and what I grew up with. MELT makes me nostalgic for the rich baking I grew up with, like my grandmother’s cooking, but I know it’s made with fresh ingredients and coconut oil. When I use MELT, I know I haven’t added anything processed to my baking and it’s organic.”

How do you use MELT?
“I use MELT mostly in baking – and I bake A LOT. I use MELT pretty much any time a recipe calls for butter. I have a stick of butter that I use sometimes in recipes, but I can’t really tell the difference between baking with butter versus MELT. Many of my friends are vegan, so it’s easier to bake vegan with MELT and still get the same old school style rich baking treats that my friends can enjoy as well.

I bake cupcakes, cakes, muffins, pastries, pies, and layered desserts like mousse. My FAVORITE recipes for using MELT are gluten-free vegan donuts, peach & blackberry lattice pie, and chocolate spice cupcakes. I am about to try making granola bars for work lunches. I love using MELT when I bake apple pies, both for greasing the pan and for adding pats of MELT over the fruit itself so it melts into filling.

As much as I love baking, I hate cooking. I am not good at cooking food. I leave making dinner to my boyfriend – I’ll make the dessert, he can make dinner.

MELT® Organic Love

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

Hillary of Charleston, SC was looking for that one thing she could do to improve her daily diet. As a consummate lover of butter, she was thrilled to discover Rich & Creamy MELT® Organic as her Butter 2.0.

How did you discover MELT?

“I was not actively avoiding butter, but I wanted to get back in shape. Like everyone else, I had a New Year’s resolution to hit the gym and do a better job of eating right despite how busy I was, especially being in graduate school. I LOVE butter and I could eat it by the spoonful. When I discovered MELT, I was trying to cut back on eating so much butter since I know that’s not the best thing for me.

When I read MELT’s label in the store, I saw that it’s healthy so I didn’t have worry about hiding it or only having it in moderation. I love a creamy, smooth texture. When I first tried MELT (yes, by the spoonful), I was amazed at how creamy and delicious it was! MELT has a subtle sweetness to it that is AMAZING.”

How do you use MELT?

“I use it every time I cook something, mostly on vegetables. I am a horrible cook! But I do know how to steam vegetables or bake them in the oven. I just love how MELT tastes, and better yet, every time I use it, I think of how awesome it is that I’m using one of my favorite products AND that it’s healthy?!

I have gotten my parents hooked on MELT as well – they love Honey MELT. As a marathon runner, my mom has always been into healthy eating and she loves MELT. Since my mom is the one who grocery shops, my dad eats MELT too.”

Parting thoughts?

“I am a huge chocolate fan and would love to try Chocolate MELT, especially since I am trying to stay away from processed food and foods high in sugar and artificial sweeteners.”

MELT® Organic Love

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

Lesly of Sandpoint, ID discovered MELT Organic spreads during her courageous journey to mitigate her Mast Cell Disorder through diet. Since Lesly is forced to avoid many forms of protein, eating good fats has become a high priority for her, hence her appreciation for MELT.

“With Mast Cell Disorder, I am always dealing with high levels of histamines leaking into my system through my GI tract, so I have had a ton of allergies to food and smells, which was quite scary at first because I would go into anaphylactic shock. I went to an allergist who was savvy enough to know about Mast Cell Disorders and we went from there. Mast Cell Disorder also includes sensitivities to chemicals and fumes. It’s pretty crazy and my condition has changed my lifestyle.

I realized early on that my condition is linked to a leaky gut that probably began after multiple rounds of antibiotics used to treat recurring strep throat.

I was looking for a butter replacement and discovered MELT at my local Safeway. Price point is a huge consideration for me, so I appreciate MELT’s high quality list of ingredients in a product that I can afford.

Because of my situation, I can’t eat non-organic food – I react to even a tiny amount of GMOs. I was sold on MELT Organic spreads because everything in MELT is organic and GMO free –MELT was a no brainer for me. I found other organic and GMO free butter replacements, but they cost twice as much, which is a hardship for me. I am so thankful MELT is affordable and available in my area.”

How do you use MELT?

“MELT is fantastic because there are very few options that I can trust AND afford. I use MELT a several times per day. My morning cup of coffee is the one vice I have held onto; in the morning I use Honey MELT in my bullet proof coffee. I don’t know what it is about those healthy fats but they just start my morning off right. When I use creamer instead of MELT, it’s just not the same – MELT’s healthy fats are very energizing in my coffee.

I am not able to eat most protein because it releases too many histamines, which is what I am avoiding as much as possible, so the healthy fats in MELT have become especially important because they replace eating protein. I get some protein from spirulina and other non-animal sources, but I have to avoid protein from animal sources. I need MELT for its healthy fats.

Since I had to eliminate several foods, I primarily use MELT on roasted vegetables. I make a huge plate of roasted vegetables every night and slather on the MELT – it is so delicious and good for me! I love it.

I am anxious to try Chocolate MELT. I would love to try Chocolate MELT on gluten-free waffles!”

Do you believe your nutritional approach could reverse your Mast Cell Disease?

“That remains to be seen; I am definitely more stable than I was a year ago. During spring last year, I was having anaphylactic shock 4 or 5 times per week; it was very alarming and frustrating. I am not having those issues this year so I have come a long way. Some of it has been from Western Medicine, but I feel like a lot of it is the nutritional information I have researched on my own, especially for changing my diet. I have been able to back off on some of the medication as targeted supplementation and diet have helped me to feel better. That’s exciting.

I was using butter, but I had to stop because my cholesterol was becoming quite high, which was when I switched to MELT. Replacing butter with MELT was the only change in my diet – I just had my cholesterol levels re-measured and while they are still above normal, my total cholesterol is coming down and my HDL/ LDL ratio is improving. I credit eating MELT for my improvement since it was the only dietary change I made. I love it!”

Melt® Organic Love

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

Cygnia Rapp, Founder of MELT® Organic, met with Mackenzie of Seattle, WA who has been using Rich & Creamy MELT for over a year as a part of his family’s health goal to adopt a dairy-free diet.

Could you tell us a little bit about why you chose to replace butter with Rich & Creamy MELT Organic?

“My girlfriend is allergic to dairy, so it was because of her that I began examining the effects of consuming dairy on my health. When I was playing college-level soccer, I didn’t need to count calories or be as concerned about food quality. Since I am no longer in “full burn mode”, I soon realized that I need to be smarter about what I eat if I am going to maintain the health standard I am used to. Since I like the flavor of fat, I want “clean” fat in my diet and that’s how I found MELT. I have been reading about how fats are not to be demonized and we need good fat in order to be healthy.

I love cooking – and cooking for my girlfriend. Since I am not making two meals, I prefer to experiment with food everyone can eat, especially food made with MELT because it is cleanly produced. I like to include fat in nearly everything I eat, including grains and oatmeal because it seems easier to digest carbs and protein with a little bit of fat. I add MELT to my oatmeal. I also love cooking eggs in MELT. I prefer MELT over other butter replacements because I like how it melts into the pan and I love the flavor. I also love sautéing – I love pan-cooking.”

Have you noticed a difference in how you feel since you started using MELT?

“I wasn’t really getting what my girlfriend was going through, so when we switched to MELT (and went dairy-free), I noticed she didn’t have the stomach and abdominal pain that she had before. Now that I have reduced dairy in my diet, I realize that I have a slight sensitivity to dairy since I no longer experience gas and bloating.

Switching to MELT started me on a path where I became more health conscious about all of my food choices, not just what to replace butter with. I have also become more health conscious in all other areas of my life.”

What are your favorite ways to use MELT?

“MELT takes the cake for making pie crust in chicken pot pies. I searched for vegan crust recipes and found one using a different vegan spread, and used MELT instead because I love the flavor. I also love using MELT for cooking my eggs and spreading on sun-dried basil bread that’s unbelievable. The chicken pot pie was my first experience baking with MELT.”

Parting thoughts?

“Speaking with you has deepened my appreciation of this process finding a healthier way to live. My girlfriend and I feel isolated at times because of what we need or choose to eat – so does my sister. Being able to discuss food products that you and I have a shared interest in opens up the conversation and is affirming for continuing to explore, sift, and refine my food choices.

When I am traveling, I often feel like McDonald’s is my only choice for food even though it represents everything I don’t want to support. It is worth the effort finding cleanly-produced and healthier food choices because of the long-term benefits even if it requires a little more upfront effort.

My journey started with MELT and finding more products like it has been a kind of joy, especially when you’re walking down a path where you don’t really know what you are getting into. It is a process that I am more motivated to continue as I experience new products, witness my girlfriend’s improving health, and talk to people like you.”

MELT® Organic Love

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Leslie of Boise, ID shared her story with us on discovering Rich & Creamy MELT® and Honey MELT® for her family, who used to love margarine and butter but now use nothing else but MELT.

How did you find MELT?

“Someone I used to work with through the bank recently scheduled an appointment. She and I talked about MELT and since she was a big butter eater, she was like, “MELT is so good! You have to try it.” She gave me a tub of the Rich & Creamy MELT and Honey MELT to take home and try with my family. I had never tried it before.”

Were you looking for a butter replacement? Why did you switch to MELT?

“I switched to MELT because I am always looking for better food products to improve overall health. My kids are margarine fanatics and my husband loves butter. I tried finding the healthiest margarine I could (even though it contains soy oil). My husband and my oldest daughter won’t try new things; they don’t want to fix what’s not broken. When I brought home MELT, we were at the very end of margarine in the fridge. I told everyone we are not buying anymore margarine until everyone tries MELT. Everyone instantly loved MELT, even the butter eater: “I can’t taste any difference, I absolutely love MELT.” I haven’t bought margarine or butter since we tried MELT. Its literally all we have in the fridge.”

What are your favorite ways to use MELT?

“We use a ton of MELT on toast, which is probably the most common way use it. Honey MELT is really good on toast. I also use MELT in sautés (sautéing mushrooms), on corn on the cob, and for making grilled cheese sandwiches. Instead of a melted butter, we use melted MELT mixed with garlic for dipping artichoke leaves. We scramble eggs in MELT instead of other oils or butter.

MELT tastes exactly like first drawn butter (I grew up on a farm where we grew our food and made butter from our own pasture-fed cows). We don’t bake, but I use MELT in cooking and for everything else where butter or margarine is called for. I have nothing else in my fridge except MELT. I went to Albertson’s yesterday and bought two new tubs.

MELT is exclusively in our fridge and it makes us so happy.”

Do you notice how eating MELT makes you feel?

“I definitely feel better eating MELT versus eating butter – 100% better in terms of what it’s doing internally.”

Did you know about virgin coconut oil before trying MELT? Was virgin coconut oil something you had eaten much of before trying MELT?

“I had no clue about virgin coconut oil. I am not the best at doing the research, even though it’s fascinating. Hearing your story behind MELT prompted me to look a little deeper. I am definitely interested in healthier food but it’s hard to find the time to look into wellness stuff.

I see myself as the norm. I am a workaholic and while I want to do what’s right, I don’t have a lot of time to look into it. The formal nutritional education behind the product needs to get out more. I introduced MELT to someone here at the office: “You’ve got to try MELT; it’s a no-brainer.” Once people know about it, I think MELT is going to explode.”

Any parting thoughts?

“Keep doing the good work and I hope you expand distribution so it’s not so limited in where I can find it. I’d love to see MELT in Winco or WalMart so I don’t have to drive that extra mile to Albertsons. I am spreading the word for sure.”

Honey MELT® Organic Love

Monday, March 24th, 2014

Lyn of Tacoma, WA shared her story with us on discovering Honey MELT® for her son, who loves butter but had to give it up due to food allergies.

How did you discover Honey MELT?

“Last summer, my son was diagnosed with Turrets syndrome. We always knew he had sensitivities to gluten and dairy, but when we received his diagnosis we began to test other parts of his diet to see where he had other food sensitivities. Since he was only seven, it was difficult to eliminate some of the foods he was used to eating, especially butter.

Eliminating butter was particularly hard for our son since he loves it so much. We gave Honey MELT a try when Safeway began carrying MELT – they offered a Just For You program with a coupon for a free container. Sure enough, the first day I spread Honey MELT on his pancakes, our son fell in love with it.”

Do other family members have dietary issues as well?

“We all limit our dairy intake. Our daughter is five and we suspect she is allergic to dairy as well. While she may not exhibit the signs of a full-blown dairy allergy, she seems sensitive to it so we reduce dairy intake wherever we can. For example, we use almond milk instead of regular milk. My husband and I still use half and half in our coffee, but that is it. Our son is sensitive to gluten, and food dyes are another one of his triggers. Corn is another food we avoid.”

How do you use MELT for cooking and baking?

“I am a huge baker. I really struggled when we went gluten-free because I baked my own bread, granola, tortillas, just about everything from scratch. Gluten-free flour does not react like other flours so I had to relearn how to bake. Then we went grain-free, which was an additional challenge to work through. Our kids have gotten used to my baked goods and although they taste a little different from the traditional wheat flour goods, they still eat them.

I use Honey MELT for making muffins, my son’s birthday cake and for the frosting. Honey MELT worked perfectly in my grain-free chocolate cake. Everyone ate it and commented, “I had no idea this was gluten- or dairy-free.” Honey MELT was outstanding for making frosting (especially compared to coconut oil) – Honey MELT held the frosting together like butter would have.”

Where do you typically use Honey MELT?

“Anywhere we use butter, we use Honey MELT – especially since my son is a butter freak. I am excited to use the Rich & Creamy MELT once its vegan. I use Honey Melt with grain-free pancakes and waffles with maple syrup. Honey MELT is perfect for giving that little bit of flavor.”

Honey MELT® Organic Love

Friday, February 7th, 2014

Cheryl of Charlotte, NC recently sat down with Founder Cygnia Rapp to share her story with us. Cheryl’s story of finding Honey MELT is similar to mothers around the country who struggle with their children’s severe food allergies. Instead of medicating her son’s symptoms, Cheryl prevents her son’s outbreaks through diet. We tip our hats to Cheryl for her integrative approach to her son’s wellness and are proud to be a part of her son’s dietary therapy. Cheryl is such a huge fan of MELT, she called us and talked us into hiring her to help spread MELT far and wide.

Unraveling Cheryl’s Son’s Inflammation

“My son was diagnosed with a dairy allergy very early on, around 2 weeks old. He could not have a bowel movement at all; when I asked my doctor “What is wrong?”, he said there is no such thing as a constipated breast-fed baby – even though I swore up and down I was nursing him. All they advised me to do was to try eliminating dairy from my diet and continue nursing him. In hindsight, I didn’t fully understand what it meant for a child to have a dairy allergy. My son’s condition worsened – he had eczema everywhere and was very swollen. I switched to a new pediatrician who said my son had nerve issues and needed surgery. In my heart of hearts I KNEW that wasn’t it. I didn’t know what it was, but I KNEW he didn’t need surgery. At eight months, the doctors kept advising me to keep nursing him and I wanted to reply, “This is making him SICK!” I felt like I was eating something that was making my son ill.

I stopped nursing him, and shortly after I met a woman who saw a pediatrician for her husband’s chronic psoriasis. The pediatrician told her she needed to change his diet and she said, “Have you ever heard of such a nut job?” I was like, “Can I have her name and number?” At that point my son’s allergies were so out of control, he was fighting a host of severe inflammatory problems.

This pediatrician was an integrative practitioner; when I went in to see her, she immediately sat down with me to go over the top eight allergens. Since my son was so young, she advised it would be easy to do an elimination diet in order to figure out his food allergies. Within five days of eliminating allergenic foods, he was having normal bowel movements for the first time in his life. We decided as a family to eat an allergen-free diet for an entire year – no wheat, eggs, dairy, shellfish, or tree nuts. I could not put my kid through this without personally experiencing what it was like. Otherwise, it would be too hard to understand how much he needed to eat or how to regulate his energy levels unless I was on the diet too. My son went from a kid with eczema all over his face, head, and arms to one where people look at him and say “Your son has severe eczema?” “Yeah, if I don’t manage it.” I manage his eczema with diet – not steroidal clearing creams – because I understand it’s his diet that is the root cause of his inflammation. One year of clean eating reset his body so we were able to reintroduce some – not all – foods he was previously allergic too, one at a time. We were then able to see what his body is truly allergic to.”

How did you discover Honey MELT?

“It was so rewarding to find something I LOVE and so much better than the products I was using only because they technically met our needs. Before discovering MELT, the butter substitutes I used for baking did not containing dairy (like apple sauce, oils, and other butter alternatives), but I did not love them. I bought them out of necessity. Frankly, the choices for organic, dairy-free butter substitutes were very limited. The one I found at Earth Fare tasted terrible, had a bad aftertaste, and didn’t cook well – it was either clumpy or melted into a puddle. Since I am always on the lookout for new products, I noticed Honey MELT nearly as soon as Earth Fare started carrying it. I saw Honey MELT is dairy-free and immediately liked its taste much better than what I was using. Even better, Honey MELT baked beautifully so I switched our family to Honey MELT and haven’t looked back. The kids absolutely LOVE Honey MELT! I love MELT! MELT is so much better than what is currently on the market.

Honey MELT is perfect for baking. I make everything from scratch – I bake like crazy – so I started buying Honey MELT and telling everyone about it. I also buy the Original Rich & Creamy MELT for myself and it is a phenomenal product. Before MELT was available at Whole Foods, I used to stock up, buying them four at a time at Earth Fare, and storing the extra in the freezer.

I am a huge fan of MELT and I tell people about it all of the time. I have a ton of friends who have children or who are themselves looking for organic, dairy free options. I tell them, “You have to try this product! It is so great and so much better than anything out there.” Even before I called you guys, I was calling Trader Joe’s and asking, “I don’t know why you are carrying that brand when there’s a much better product on the market.” It’s just crazy. I say that to all of the buyers of my local grocery stores: ‘If you are going to carry a butter alternative, then carry the good one.'”

MELT® Organic Love

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

When Lori B was diagnosed with a very rare lung condition (LAM), she was advised to drastically reduce fat from her daily diet. After three years, she was able to slowly re-introduce fat in restricted amounts. When she discovered MELT was made from ‘good fats’ and was soy free, she immediately consulted her doctor and tried MELT to see if it triggered her LAM. Now, more than one year later, Lori is a huge fan of MELT and sat down with Founder Cygnia to discuss why MELT is so important in her life.

Why are you so excited about MELT?

“In 2010, my life changed dramatically when I was diagnosed with a very rare lung condition called LAM (short for lymphangioleiomyomatosis) that only affects women of child-bearing age. With cysts covering the inside of my lungs, I was told I had five to ten years to live. I was 38 years old. I was instructed to stop eating fat because the vessels in my chest were leaking, and one of the primary causes of this leakage was dietary fat because I did not process fat like other people.

For almost three years, I was restricted to 10g of fat or less per day. At the time I used MCT oil (i.e., medium-chain triglycerides derived from virgin coconut oil) as my fat supplement. But MCT oil is both difficult to find and challenging to use – I had to swallow it off of the spoon. Because of my experience with MCT oil, I was already on board with the medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) in MELT.

I came across MELT on the internet and immediately wanted to try it because of the virgin coconut oil and because it is soy free. Since LAM exclusively affects women, I had to be very careful with eating soy due to the naturally occurring estrogen. When my doctor gave me the green light to add fat back into my diet, I had to go slowly and be mindful about the fats I eat. I started with avocado, then a little magic product called MELT appeared and I thought, “Boy, I need to try this.” I printed out the home page and took it to my doctor who approved of the MCFAs in MELT.  I then passed on the information to my dietician and she told me it looked like a great product for me.

We haven’t bought anything else since. I have been eating MELT for one year so I know it doesn’t trigger LAM as it would cause congestion in my lungs. My follow up x-rays are completely clear. I am so grateful to have access to medication that slows the progression of my disease and MELT while I am on a restricted diet.”

Does your family like MELT?

“My husband LOVES MELT; he doesn’t even flinch. At least once per month he’ll check to see if Target is carrying it. We are never going back to the other butter substitutes with junk oils we used before my diagnosis.

I have turned a lot of people on to MELT, including several members of my family and co-workers. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like MELT.”

What are your favorite ways to use MELT?

“I love making tuna casserole with MELT instead of butter. I also use MELT in brownies, cake mix, and cup cakes. I love sautéing with MELT – it functions like regular butter.  Getting my husband to eat MELT was a big deal. He’s picky and for him to switch is amazing. He uses MELT to support his cholesterol levels and increase heart health.”

Any parting thoughts?

“It is really cool you are willing to do this. You have my full support. If I could afford it, I would buy a billboard for MELT. I want to get the word out, not only about my condition but also MELT really is amazing. I can’t tell you enough how excited I am to have it, how much I enjoy having it as a part of my life.”

For more information about LAM please visit the LAM Foundation website at:

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