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Caramelized Fresh Figs with Sweet Cream

Just like these caramelized, Honey Melt®-coated figs on the grill, the simplest dishes are often the best. Lightly grilling figs intensifies the sweetness and topped with crème fraîche, you will have a summer treat not to be missed. These grilled figs are also fabulous as part of a summer salad.



2 teaspoons Honey Melt, softened

8 large fresh figs, cut in half lengthwise

Coconut oil for the grill

¼ cup crème fraîche or make your own:

Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of buttermilk or yogurt per cup of heavy whipping cream at room temperature, cover lightly, and allow to culture for 12 to 48 hours in a warm room (70° to 80°F). For a thicker consistency, strain the crème fraîche through a tea towel or tight-weave cheesecloth. Place the finished crème fraîche in the refrigerator to chill. It will generally keep for up to one week.

½ teaspoon maple syrup or to taste


  • Preheat a grill or grill pan to medium and brush with coconut oil.
  • Generously slather Honey Melt on cut sides of the figs.
  • Place figs, cut sides down, on grill rack, and grill for 1-3 minutes or until grill marks appear.
  • Remove from grill.
  • Combine crème fraîche and maple syrup to taste.
  • Spoon over the grilled Honey Melt figs and enjoy!

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