Are MELT Organic’s tocopherols derived from soy or corn sources?

The short answer is yes. However, the tocopherols used in MELT® Organic are derived from a vegetable oil blend that includes soy oil, which would be true for tocopherols in any food product in the marketplace. With that said, the tocopherols used in MELT Organic are tested 100% free of all soy genetic material and are therefore soy- and allergen-free.

A pure concentration of tocopherols is extracted out of multiple distillations of a vegetable oil blend that includes soy. Tocopherols distilled multiple times from a vegetable oil blend are equivalent to vodka distilled multiple times from wheat: none of the wheat or gluten is present in vodka. The same holds true for tocopherols derived or partially derived from soy. All of the soy proteins (the allergenic component of soy) are removed in the first distillation; additional distillations remove all of the other lipids (fatty acids) associated with the vegetable blend as well, so all that remains is a pure concentration of tocopherols. Testing of this pure concentration of tocopherols shows no genetic trace of soy. In other words, the tocopherol molecules extracted from soy are identical to tocopherol molecules from any other source, with the only difference being in the ratio of the different tocopherols present (e.g., alpha, beta, delta, gamma, tocotrienols).

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