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A Conversation about Sustainability with our Founder, Cygnia.

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

A Conversation about Sustainability

  1. What is your vision regarding sustainability? Why did you decide to do so?

Cygnia:   Our vision for sustainability is minimizing the social and environmental impacts of conducting business in the food industry while providing a much needed health food product line that is authentically beneficial to the public. Sustainability, from our view, is taking as much responsibility as feasible for the social and environmental impacts of being in business.

Our interest in sustainability is also ethically driven, particularly as it pertains to the impacts of acquiring raw materials from the Third World and unsustainable agricultural practices. Exploitation is always a factor where the First World overlaps with Third World countries, which is why purchasing Fair Trade raw materials are a top priority certified specifically by FLO, Fair Trade USA, or IMO. In addition, many in the US perceive our food supply as “broken” due to the use of GMOs, heavy application of pesticides, and other unsustainable agricultural practices designed to increase shelf life and transportability, and maximize profit margin and crop yields at the expense of human and ecosystem health. While organic certification isn’t perfect, it is an improvement to conventional farming practices with fewer environmental impacts and greater benefit to human health.

“Our vision…is minimizing the social and environmental impacts of conducting business in the food industry…”

MELT Sustainability

Cygnia Rapp, Founder & Chief Science Officer

  1. Do you have prior experience, training or education regarding sustainability area?

Cygnia:   My education and previous professional experience is in fluvial geomorphology, the study of rivers, a sub-discipline of geology, so my focus is naturally on the environmental impacts of human activities on earth systems. I do not have formal training in sustainability.

“…my focus is naturally on the environmental impacts of human activities on earth systems.”

  1. What are your motivations or main objectives in adopting sustainability into your business?

Cygnia:     A sense of social responsibility to our customers, our employees, the environment, and communities affected by the purchase of our raw materials as well as practical idealism that a business can have fewer environmental impacts and benefit society. I am skeptical of any business claiming they are good for the environment. Some may be less harmful than others, but all businesses are stressors to the environment somewhere in the life cycle of product manufacturing and or business administration. We can minimize environmental impact, possibly even arrest degradation, a difficult task in of itself. However, there is no manufacturing business that aids in returning environmental systems to a pre-disturbance condition.

At MELT, we want to enhance social and economic development for low income communities, particularly as it pertains to raw materials sourced from the Third World (Sri Lanka and Columbia) and initiate social and environmental change.

We attract like-minded customers who disagree with the status-quo with differentiation of products and services, innovation in new product development, which ultimately yield a competitive advantage.

“We attract like-minded customers who disagree with the status-quo…”

MELT® Organic Love

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

Our Founder, Cygnia, sat down with breast-cancer survivor Betsy to talk about how MELT helps her stay as healthy as she can be.

“I would be happy to share my experience with the butter that loves me back. Cygnia might enjoy pictures of our clan enjoying their hot MELTed toast on homemade challah. Enthusiastic pet critters are almost as fun to watch as happy children.

For health reasons, about one in eight women over age 60 (myself included) should NOT consume foods containing estrogen or pesticides, particularly breast cancer victims. Those of us with estrogen-fed breast cancer should also stay away from red meat and dairy products. There is strong evidence of breast cancer survivors having a soy allergy and possible issues with the phyto estrogens in soy products. Without a doubt, breast cancer victims must stay away from pesticides.

As a breast cancer survivor, MELT satisfies my own and many others medical dietary requirements by not containing soy, pesticides (organic), or dairy. The most wonderful news is that besides being healthy, MELT tastes like butter, has the consistency of butter, and finally, really is a perfect substitute for butter. My congratulations to the people who figured out the formula for MELT. I love that you eliminated allergens, especially the soy.

Every morning my dogs eat toast with me, so we devour a lot of it. We all love it! I share the good news about finding MELT with friends and family who also are looking for a tasty, healthy alternative to butter. I am not sure if they share it with their dogs, however.

Thank you, Makers of MELT!!  Ya done good!

During my second round with breast cancer, I thought to myself, “What can I do to keep myself as well as I can?” The oncologist said, “You must not consume pesticides.” The only way to avoid pesticides is to eat organic. My oncologist also instructed avoidance of red meat. I asked about dairy, and was told that if I can go without dairy, then do it. It’s a small price to pay for life, so I eliminated pesticides, red meat, and dairy from my diet.

I watch people in the grocery store so happily purchasing greens and vegetables, and I know the food industry genetically modifies produce to make it last longer and covers produce with pesticides to increase yield. It looks like healthy food, but it’s not.

That’s how I found MELT, and it spreads so nicely on toast. It’s not hard like butter, but it looks and tastes like butter and we love it. We have a thing in our family at breakfast. When I have my toast and egg, I always make toast for my dogs slathered with MELT. I don’t eat any other oil if I can help it. I call MELT butter; your MELT is just so good. That’s why I was so tickled to find something so tasty. MELT is the one gap in my spare change diet.

I put MELT on grits this morning. My parents are from the South and there is only one way to make grits: use whole grits, plenty of salt, and cook them until they are soft and thick. Serve with LOADS of MELT. SOO good! Scrambled eggs and turkey bacon make it a meal. Again, thank you for MELT.

I wish MELT was in more stores. All of us with cancer and health issues really need MELT. It should be the number one butter replacement because it’s the best one.”

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